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Beware Free Yellow Pages Listings SCAM
via Better Business Bureau
Business owners, watch out! Scammers are invoicing companies for online ads they never placed and using the Yellow Pages name to lend them credibility.
How the Scam Works: 808 Yellow Pages Scam Targets Small Businesses
You are at work. You receive a call from someone representing a website, which they claim is an online version of the Yellow Pages. The caller says he is updating the directory and asks you some basic information, such as your office’s address, telephone number and email. After you answer, the representative repeats the information back to you, and you confirm the listing.
A few weeks later, your office receives an invoice for several hundred dollars for an ad from the Yellow Pages online directory. But you never agreed to that!
When you call to complain, the representative says that you verbally confirmed the placement. He or she even plays back a spliced version of your previous conversation. The altered recording makes it sound like you were agreeing to place an ad, when you were really saying “yes” to the listing information.